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Boat and RV Storage

RV Storage

Recreational Vehicles (RV) are one of the biggest investments people can make. Owners have to take special care to maintain it and store at appropriate locations. Some people simply park their RVs on the side of their house without proper protection. RV storage units can be considered as good option for parking RVs. Though there are no set rules for, few things as mentioned below can be considered before leaving the RV in storage units:

  • Find storage with RV storage units. Self-storage facilities have plenty of options for safe parking.
  • All the cabinets in RV should be cleared. Take out all perishable items from the RV before keeping it in storage unit.
  • The tires should be covered in order to protect the rubber from cracking due to exposure to sun.
  • All the windows should be checked before storing. The interiors should be cleaned and the blinds should be closed.
  • There are RV covers available in the market which can be customized for different RVs. These help in protecting the vehicles as they reflect light and leave no room for moisture as well.
  • Ensure all the vents are closed. The batteries should be removed and stored in an area where it is not subject to freezing.

Boat Storage

Taking care of boat and maintaining it in tip top position becomes prime responsibility of the boat owners. Many storage facilities have climate controlled covered parking or enclosures that can be used by boat owners for boat storage. Some of the factors which should be kept in mind while selecting appropriate boat storage are as follows:

  • Boat owners should consider the size of the boats, while selecting boat storage facilities. In case of big motorized boats, the owners will have to find a storage which is big enough, i.e. the boats in the facilities should not end up scratching each other. Another important factor would be security offered by the storage facility. Cameras should be installed at the storage units for better security.
  • The owner should ensure that the boat is docked dry before storing. This will increase the life span of the boat. The owner should check the boat storage building and make sure that it’s dry.
  • Boat owners should check for boat lifting service which is sometimes offered by boat storages as additional service.
  • The boat should be thoroughly cleaned externally and internally before storing it.

Boat owners can keep these tips in mind to find suitable boat storage facility across the country.