Find Local Storage Announces 'Timeline Guarantee' for Online Lien Sales is an online platform for self-storage auction buyers and sellers

July 19, 2020:, has announced a free service that helps facility operators navigate the online lien-sale process. The “Timeline Guarantee” service will enable users from conducting a wrongful sale and help them follow state-required guidelines, according to a press release.

The new service will be available for operators from their profile. Once they do, any auction they hold will be cross-checked via software with the requirements of their state. This service can be use for operators with sites in multiple location, as the software tracks sales by a facility’s physical address.  

In the event a wrongful-sale lawsuit is ever filed against an operator who uses the service and follows the system’s timeline, will reimburse the operator up to $5,000 for the claim. 

As a storage owner/operator of 20-plus years, I’m extremely excited to extend this to our customers because I know the headaches the ever-changing laws and steps can cause to your operations. “We are proud to be the only online auction company to provide this free software functionality and look forward to serving our customers even better with this release.” Said by Lonnie Bickford, owner of and Appletree Storage. is an online platform for self-storage auction buyers and sellers. This has been launched in 2016.   The site allows registered users to browse and bid on one or more live auctions from a desktop computer or mobile device.