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UK Self-Storage Operator Big Yellow Appoints Director to Help with Sustainability Efforts
The company has a total portfolio of 5.7million square feet

January 12, 2020: Big Yellow Group PLC has appointed sustainability consultant Julia Hailes as a non-executive director to assist with the company’s environmental efforts. Scheduled to begin her role in March. Hailes will chair a newly created “board sustainability” committee that will provide oversight to company’s strategic environmental objectives. She will be also responsible to manage company’s audit, nomination and remuneration committees. 

Hailes is an expert on sustainability issues. She has more than 30 years of experience in the sustainability sector. She has co-written nine books on environmental issues and co-founded the SustainAbility think tank in 1987. She served as a non-executive director of Jupiter Global Green Investment Trust from 2001 to 2006. She has served numerous charitable boards also. Hailes is the co-founder of Haller, a charity promoting sustainable agriculture in Kenya.

"We are delighted to welcome Julia to the board. Julia's appointment builds on our objective of introducing board members with different and diverse experience and perspectives. I am confident that Julia will add significant value to the board and the company.” Said by Nicholas Vetch, executive chairman of Big Yellow.

The company operates 99 self-storage locations in the United Kingdom under the Big Yellow Self Storage and Armadillo Self Storage brand names. The facilities are mainly located in Greater London and Southeast England. The company has a total portfolio of 5.7million square feet.