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Proguard Self Storage is now offering wine storage at Museum District facility
The self-storage is armed with new alarm systems to protect valuable wine collections

July 25, 2014- Proguard Self Storage facility in Museum District, Houston location has climate controlled units to protect against temperature fluctuations. It is necessary to maintain the quality of the wine.  The facility has units with the capacity range from 21 cases, or 249 bottles, to 519 cases, or 6231 bottles. reports:

Wines are stored in the dark to prevent any unwanted quality changes and to ensure that the aging process happens as intended.

Proguard Self Storage maintains the temperature of the units between 54 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity at 58 to 65 percent. The storage units have Icynene closed-cell insulation to block air and moisture.

The facilities can be accessed through the HID card reader and computerized coded keypad. Also every unit operates with a slip-in, deadbolt cylinder lock. The storage units have video surveillance facility to monitor the entire Houston wine storage area.

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