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StayLock Expands Eco-Efforts with LED Lighting Installations at 19 Self-Storage Facilities
StayLock operates more than 60 self-storage facilities in six states

March 10, 2020: StayLock Storage is installing LED lighting at 19 of its locations across four states.  The new lights will be designed to increase brightness and uniformity while increasing safety and efficiency, according to a press release from EnergyWare LLC, the company hired for installing the LED lights.

“StayLock executives had noted that many of its storage facilities were underlit, creating both an inconvenience and a potential security risk for staff, customers and goods stored at their locations. StayLock approached EnergyWare after receiving a recommendation from another self-storage operator.” as per the press release.

EnergyWare headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, specializes in smart technology with application to the Internet of Things. The company provides LED design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. EnergyWare has installations in more than 30 states with 10 regional offices nationwide, according to their official website. 

StayLock self storage manages self-storage locations in Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina and West Virginia. The company has a portfolio of more than 2.4 million net rentable square feet.