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Clarkston, GA, announced a 6-Month Moratorium on Self-Storage Development
The ban will expire on September 21st, 2020

March 9, 2020: The city council of Clarkston, GA., voted on March 3 to implement a six-month moratorium on new self-storage development. The city officials will use the pause time to rewrite zoning code to address where self-storage could be developed, according to Y.T. Bell, Councilwoman. The ban also applicable for new gas stations and dollar stores. 

Council members are concerned the city has an “overabundance” of these business types and building more could have a negative impact.

The city council members are concerned about the excessiveness of business types in the city and building more will create a negative impact. According to city records, Clarkston currently home to three self-storage facilities, seven gas stations and three dollar stores in the less than 2 square miles area.