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Wine-Storage Facility Being Built in Naples, Florida
The facility is expected to open on May 1

February 12, 2020: Carl’s White Glove Persona Storage & Wine Vault is developing in Naples, Florida. Wine industry veterans Rachel Keller and Bruce Nichols are behind Carl’s White Glove Persona Storage & Wine Vault. The facility will be located at 11201 Tamiami Trail E. It will be specialized in wine storage and “luxury” units. 

The facility will be feature inventory-management solutions, pickup and delivery services, wine-cellar professional management, and wine-acquisition and divestment consultation, etc. The site will use solar energy as power backup. The Wine Vault will provide comprehensive wine storage options for restaurants, wine clubs, brokers and to individual collectors looking to protect their prized wine collections.

Keller and Nichols have extensive knowledge in wine-industry. Keller is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience providing high-end concierge services to affluent clients. Nichols owns The Wine Store, a high-end specialty retail outlet. He also has four decades of hospitality and wine-industry expertise, as per the website. 

The facility was designed by MHK Architecture & Planning.