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New Hope, MN, Limits Self-Storage Development to Business-Warehouse Districts
There are currently eight self-storage facilities in New Hope

February 4, 2020: The city council of New Hope, Minnesota, recently approved a zoning change that limits self-storage development to business-warehouse districts and restricts facilities from commercial and industrial zones. This change was made to encourage the use of commercial and industrial areas that generate more jobs. The new ordinance went into effect immediately.

What we are seeing is a loss of employment opportunities. I think if we were to look and see the number of employees that work at these [self-storage] buildings, it’s very few. It’s a fraction of what used to occupy these buildings.” council member Jonathan London told fellow members during the meeting.

Other cities in Minnesota have gone so far as to place a moratorium on self-storage development. The Coon rapid city council also approved a six month ban in March last year and voted to extend it. City officials instead adopted an amendment to better control where storage facilities are built.