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New Self-Storage Ordinance Approved in Locust Grove, GA
It allows self-storage to be included in heavy commercial zones

April 15, 2019: The City Council of Locust Grove, Georgia unanimously approved an ordinance amendment at its April 1 meeting that will allow self-storage facilities to be included in heavy commercial zones. The Locust Grove is 35 miles from Downtown Atlanta in Henry County.

“The measure permits facilities that are fully enclosed, climate-controlled and accessible via internal doors on properties that are 5 acres or smaller. They can be within major commercial, mixed-use neighborhood/district, service commercial or gateway commercial areas.  A conditional-use permit will be necessary for storage facilities on less than 10 acres in service-commercial zones if they aren’t fully enclosed or offer drive-up storage. These sites will require a public hearing followed by review and approval from the city council”, the amendment stated.