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Valet Self-Storage Startup ZipStored Launches in Texas
The company uses an online platform that allows customers to schedule item pickup

March 14, 2019: Carrollton, Texas based ZipStored Inc., has launched a valet self-storage service in Texas. ZipStored Inc. is a startup business specializing in valet self-storage and warehousing. Customers can schedule item pickup and return delivery of items to their home or business by assigning a storage location closest to their needs, etc. by using the online platform provided by the company. ZipStored is different from other valet-style operators, the company intends to employ a peer-to-peer marketplace strategy, building a national network of not only storage facilities but available space at offices, retail and warehouses.

ZipStored Inc launched with a network of 100 local storage providers, though its goal is to build a national network of more than 10,000 “agile warehouses and self-storage locations,” along with a fleet of more than 10,000 delivery vehicles, according to the company website. reports: 
We offer individual consumers and businesses ‘anywhere storage’ and ‘anytime delivery,’. With more than 100 local storage providers across Texas, ZipStored provides a nimble network of self- and warehouse-storage solutions with same-day or next-day delivery for less than $50 per month. Our providers earn income from previously unused space, with no additional work on their end.”  Said by Jason Ramage, operations manager

The monthly pricing starts at $19.95 for 25 cubic feet or $24.95 for 25 cubic feet of climate-controlled space. Additional space ranges from 25 cents for one additional cubic foot to $1.12 for another 4.5 cubic feet. For climate-controlled space, those fees rise to 30 cents for one additional cubic foot and $1.35 for 4.5 cubic feet. Charges of pickup and delivery of items range depending on the distance to the customer.