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Fluvanna Self Storage set to expand in Palmyra, VA
Fluvanna self storage has been in business since 1992

February 22, 2016: Fluvanna Self Storage won unanimous approval from the Fluvanna County, Va., Board of Supervisors last week to expand the business to a 13.4-acre property about a mile away from its current location at 21 Burns Plaza in Palmyra, Va. Reports: 
We’ve made a good-faith effort to meet the needs of our neighbors,” Burns told supervisors. The project includes several revisions based on community feedback, he said.

The expansion will be built in three phases, with the first two providing additional storage space, according to Steve Tugwell, senior planner. A third phase would include a retail center fronting Lake Monticello Road; however, Carlos A. Burns, vice president of the self-storage business, told county officials the second phase of the project wouldn’t occur for at least 15 years, if ever, the source reported.

Although the project faced some opposition from local residents, the community and supervisors praised Burns for being responsive to requests. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen people work better together than on this project,” supervisor Trish Eager said.